Date: November 13, 2023 why do companies outsource recruitment

In the ever-evolving business landscape, outsourcing has emerged as a transformative strategy for companies. This article delves into the primary benefits and considerations, shedding light on why outsourcing is a prevalent choice among businesses.

The critical decision of choosing individuals to represent your business becomes strategic when opting for outsourcing recruitment, offering numerous advantages. Notably, cost savings stand out as a primary motivator, with 59% of businesses citing it as the main reason, according to Zippia1 outsourcing statistics.

The question arises:why do companies outsource recruitment?This exploration aims to uncover the key motivations behind the increasing adoption of outsourcing as a crucial business strategy.

Why Do Companies Outsource Recruitment

Why do companies outsource recruiting? There are compelling reasons behind this trend. Recruitment consultants bring invaluable experience and resources, whether you seek to outsource the entire process or target specific roles to enhance your team.

As we step into 2024, the article aims to provide timely insights into the advantages of outsourcing and guide businesses on how to navigate this practice for optimal results.

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Why do so many companies outsource recruiting? Here are a few reasons:

Strategic Focus on Core Competencies

Many companies, regardless of size, aren’t primarily focused on hiring and recruiting, even though larger enterprises may have a dedicated recruiting function. Whether dealing with smaller or larger businesses, the process of bringing in new associates can divert attention from core business activities. 

This challenge is particularly pronounced for smaller companies that likely lack internal recruiting expertise or a dedicated function. Outsourced recruiting proves advantageous in this scenario as it enables the recruiting firm to leverage their expertise, allowing the company to allocate more time and resources to concentrate on its core competencies.

Driving Cost-Efficiency

The second most significant reason companies turn to outsourcing for recruiting is cost reduction. Beyond labor expenses, there are additional fees associated with recruiting, such as placements on job boards and background screening costs, among others. 

In cases where an organization has not effectively established a recruiting protocol, leading to unsatisfactory outcomes that fail to justify the incurred expenditures, opting for an external vendor with expertise becomes a straightforward decision. This external expertise can effectively handle the recruiting function, ensuring a more cost-effective and streamlined process.

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Expanding Talent Horizons

Even in an economic downturn, certain organizations encounter challenges in locating qualified individuals for their available positions. The issue may not be related to compensation or rigorous applicant scrutiny; rather, it often stems from limited geographic sourcing locations.

Recruiting firms prove advantageous in this scenario as they extend their candidate search to diverse locations. These firms have the capability to access both active and passive candidate pools, providing a broader and more inclusive reach in the talent acquisition process.

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Tackling Turnover

High turnover has detrimental effects on most businesses, significantly impacting a company’s profitability. A pronounced turnover rate often serves as an indicator of underlying issues within the company’s recruiting function. 

These problems may not necessarily stem from the compensation or qualifications of those managing the function and can sometimes be challenging to identify. Instead of persisting in grappling with the financial repercussions of high turnover, an organization may opt to outsource its recruiting efforts to a specialized firm. 

This strategic move aims to address and rectify the root causes of turnover, leveraging the expertise of an external partner to enhance retention strategies and foster a more stable and productive workforce.

Flexibility in Workforce Management

Companies experiencing rapid growth or those subject to seasonality often encounter challenges in managing recruiting demands. Fast-growing enterprises may struggle to keep pace with the rapid influx of hiring and recruiting needs. 

Similarly, businesses with seasonal fluctuations might face the necessity of rapidly hiring a substantial workforce, only to subsequently adjust to a more typical labor force for the remainder of the year. 

Outsourced recruiting proves invaluable for such companies, providing effective solutions to handle both the heightened demand during periods of growth and the seasonal fluctuations in workforce requirements.

Various recruiting programs are tailored to address the specific dynamics of these situations, offering flexibility and strategic support to navigate the unique challenges associated with rapid growth and seasonality.

Competitive Talent Acquisition

Start-ups and smaller companies often lack the resources to attract top-tier talent and compete with larger industry counterparts. Nevertheless, by outsourcing the recruiting process, these smaller entities effectively “level the playing field.” This strategic move ensures that they do not risk losing excellent talent to larger competitors simply because the larger firms may appear more attractive to potential candidates. 

Outsourced recruiting firms play a crucial role in selling the unique opportunities offered by start-ups and smaller companies. They collaborate with candidates, discussing the pros and cons of different opportunities, enabling these smaller entities to compete more effectively in the talent market and secure the skilled professionals they need for growth and success.

In a highly competitive tech landscape, a mid-sized company recognizes the imperative of attracting top-tier talent to remain relevant. By outsourcing recruiting, the company gains access to specialists adept at communicating its unique opportunities, distinctive company culture, and growth potential to potential candidates. 

This tangible example emphasizes how outsourced recruiting contributes to a larger enterprise’s ability to compete for and retain skilled professionals in a dynamic job market.

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, Jadeer’s expertise levels the playing field and ensures informed decisions for your business goals.

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Key Takeaways: Navigating the Landscape of Outsourcing

The primary driver for companies engaging in outsourcing is the pursuit of cost savings, a pivotal factor that underlines its widespread adoption. However, it’s crucial to recognize that outsourcing extends beyond mere financial gains, offering a spectrum of benefits, albeit accompanied by certain risks and challenges.

Industries at the forefront of outsourcing include healthcare, technology, retail, finance, and marketing, showcasing its versatility across diverse sectors. Successful businesses understand that the speed of adaptation and innovation is paramount for staying ahead in the market, and outsourcing services emerge as a cost-effective catalyst for powering these crucial aspects of business development.

By diligently evaluating the advantages and risks associated with outsourcing and implementing sound practices, businesses can effectively leverage this strategy to accomplish their objectives and maintain competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market landscape. The key lies in a strategic and well-informed approach to outsourcing, aligning it with broader business goals and objectives.

Outsourcing Success Stories: Major Companies Setting the Trend

The organizations below understand that concentrating on core processes and outsourcing non-core functions boosts efficiency, accelerates growth, and saves costs.


Key reasons for outsourcing included accessing a diverse pool of talents, enhancing quality, and allowing greater focus on core business functions.

Alibaba, a prominent player in online eCommerce, stands out among companies that embrace outsourcing. While Amazon and eBay also outsource, Alibaba’s unique challenge arises from being based in China, a departure from the conventional outsourcing to lower-cost countries like India or the Far East.

For Alibaba, outsourcing was driven by the recognition that, despite maintaining low manufacturing costs locally, the requisite skills for growth were not abundantly available in their region. Seeking expertise, Alibaba turned to outsourcing partners in the US for various projects, notably web development. This strategic move fueled the site’s rapid and expansive growth.

The lesson learned from Alibaba’s experience is the importance of understanding specific skill gaps and leveraging outsourcing to swiftly address and fulfill those needs.


Key reasons for outsourcing included the pursuit of quality improvement and accessing a diverse pool of talents and skills. 

Slack, a transformative force in redefining workplace collaboration, achieved its success through strategic outsourcing. Founded in 2013, Slack quickly became a standard for high-tech organizations’ internal communication. Despite starting with a core team of only four developers, Slack recognized the importance of aesthetics and flawless functionality for its product’s success.

To ensure a polished and effective solution, Slack engaged an outsourced design firm for beta testing. This external collaboration provided crucial feedback, helping Slack refine its product and gain widespread business acceptance.

The lesson from Slack’s outsourcing experience underscores the value of recognizing when certain aspects exceed the in-house skillset and leveraging outsourcing to enhance product development based on valuable customer feedback.

For outsourcing assistance, consider Jadeer. With a proven track record, Jadeer provides tailored solutions to optimize recruiting processes and secure top talent.

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